Collecting, preserving and recording the history of fishing tackle.

We are always interested in buying examples of fishing tackle for research. We also have contacts with collectors who will pay a fair price if an item is not for us.

The Antique Tackle Observer was originally started as a “Fanzine DTP (Desktop Publishing) concept in March 1994. It’s aim was to collect the vast amount of snippets of tackle collecting information that I was acquiring during my research for Men of Trent.

At the inception of the magazine the internet was in its infancy and no thought was given to a snappy internet title. A few years later it did highlight some of the problems with the name and I did attempt to change the title but this was abandoned.

It was one of the world’s first sites to have Java which attracted the internet “nerds & geeks” but no tackle collectors. Tackle collectors were usually involved in auctions, tackle meets and local get togethers.

The magazine ended at issue 45 as a hard copy with hundreds of article. It is my intension to publish the majority of the articles on this site which are still relevant today.

I also will advise of auctions tackle meets etc. in a News section.

Coxon Aerial antique fishing reel sold by Allcock.