The DAM Record Lure.

When I received the catalogue for Angling Auctions’ spring sale this year, I was intrigued by the description for lot 57.

“A scarce DAM nickel silver 2½” dazzler style bait, the fish-shaped lure with five revolving sections, centre spindle and spring lock swivel to head, rear flying treble, stamped goat logo £100-150.”

The first thing I wondered was how it came to be in England, and again, I get back to my own chestnut of sanitised history once it has gone through an auction.

However, it was for sale in England, and after some spirited bidding, it sold for £260.

Given the chance to examine it in detail, I began to learn more about the lure. My friend Stefan Pauly supplied me with the information needed.

The lure first appeared in the DAM catalogue in 1914 under the title “Ziegenspeck’s Original-Gliederblinkfisch “REKORD” 

Ziegenspeck is the DAM goat logo, and Gliederblinkfisch roughly translates as a shiny spinner. The catalogue also has the additional information “Das Problem des lebenden Fischchens gelöst”

Which translates as “the problem of the live bait is solved”. It was produced over ten years, appearing last in the 1925 catalogue. The catalogue number for the lure was 1792, and was available in 5 sizes: 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 cm. 

Stampings on the lure are usually the goat and DRGM, which stands for Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchs-Muster. Like our patent mark —many thanks to Stefan Pauly for his help.

DAM Rekord Lure
DAM Rekord Lure Reverse

DAM Recork Lure